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Naggar – The Heritage Village

Once the capital of Kullu kingdom is an ancient town, situated on the left bank of River Beas at an altitude of 1900 metres. It is mid-way between Kullu and Manali, and surrounded by some of the most notable ranges, such as Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal on either side. Naggar village and its surrounding villages have been at the centre of many adventures, and many travellers have come here and made it their home. Most notable of them being, Sir Nicholas Roerich, a Russian artist of many talents. Naggar has always lured the unusual traveller and still continues to do so, with its many attractions and a quiet atmosphere, away from the hustle of crowded places. 


Hotel Ragini – A family run hotel, we like to keep things simple.

For us, a longstanding relationship with our guest is far more important than anything else. Our friends from the time that we started will readily agree. A comfortable stay, a good conversation, great food and something more inexplicable has given these travellers a reason to come back to us for over two decades. We ensure our guests have a comfortable stay and a memorable experience, when they are here. We help them arrange their tours and treks, while they explore the Himalayas.We at Ragini, welcome you to make your own discoveries in the heritage village of Naggar – some of the most famous treks, hikes, visit to ancient temples, its historic castle and the renowned Roerich Art Gallery – and meet fellow travellers. It has been a wonderful journey for us as well, along with the innumerable travellers who have made this journey together.  We have learnt a lot from our fellow travellers too.



All our rooms have similar features, so that the guests can share the same experience of the valley. The most charming part of all the 16 rooms of Ragini is the balcony facing the hills and the garden below. A delightful view of the impressive Himalayas and the sound of the Beas River are best taken in from this personal balcony. 



German Bakery


 If not the terrace, the next best stop to watch the easy pace of the village is the 16 year old German bakery by the road. The cafe gets busy with early morning rituals – crosswords, newspapers and catching up to start the day! Our friend, Svetlana has helped to make the bakery tastefully set up in hues of blue. Her photography work hanging on the walls is often a topic of conversation amongst coffee lovers. Effortlessly relaxing and unassuming, the German bakery at Ragini is the unsaid meeting point for many travellers passing by. 

Free Wifi


Wifi works in all zones of the hotel.

You can also access our computer system at the office cum browsing centre, add a cuppa to it. 

Rooftop Resto


You could spend the whole day here – literally! The roof top cafe is definitely the best part of the Guest House. Wooden open-air seating overlooking the valley is the most charming spot you could find.  Starting from a filling breakfast, innumerable black ginger teas in the day and a sumptuous meal in the evening – it’s a gastronomic delight at Ragini. The mixed vegetable, fresh salads with home-grown organic veggies and pizzas are a ‘must-try’! Not to miss the rainbow trouts which we source from the farm nearby.

Daily Housekeeping


We keep this optional since most guests stay with us for longer durations. You just have to request for Daily Housekeeping.

Garden and Farm


Most ingredients like vegetables and dairy items are from our own farm, so as to ensure our guests have wholesome and organic food.  A variety of herbs like thyme, basil, oregano and rosemary can be picked  from the small patch we have planted on the roof-top. Our lower rooms open upto the sun-soaked garden where one could hang out away from rest of the activeness for a quite time by yourself. Lettuce, greens and most of our salad veggies are grown here and also we have a few fruit trees to pick from.. 

In-Room Dining Service

We are used to many of the guests ordering numerous cups of tea in their rooms, so all you have to do order your pot and relax with a book. 



View of the valley
View of the valley
Winter View
Winter View
Himalayan Village
Himalayan Village


Naggar Castle


A thousand year old monument, Capital of the Kullu Kingdom.

Ayurveda and Yoga


It is a unique experience of panchakarma, Indian Yoga and Universal Healing Tao.

Roerich Art Gallery


Gallery displaying the works of Sir Nicholas Roerich.



We can lead you on day walks or multiple day treks exploring the many mountain meadows and passes.

Krishna Temple 


A thousand year old temple, on top of a hill with panoramic views.

Jeep Safaris


We help organize Jeep Safaris to places like Ladakh, Lahaul & Spiti. Plan in advance and connect.


Clean! Cute. Compact. Beautiful. Convenient. Close to Naggar Castle. You can take a small walk. Or a short trek to a temple on the nearby hills. The hotel has a beautiful roof top dining area. Great food. Friendly staff.



Double / Twin

Rs 2000/-

Bed and Breakfast (CP)

Rs 2800/-

Bed, Breakfast and Dinner (MAP)


Rs 1500/-

Bed and Breakfast(CP)

Extra bed - Rs 800/- (CP) / Rs 1200/- MAP

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